US in the U.S.: A Movement Towards Conversation & Healing

Before entering the theater, there is a table with a sign that reads, “If you want your secret read on stage, please write it on an index card.”

Each actor bares their truths to the audience, sending us on a emotional journey that leaves the room completely vulnerable and beautifully human. Professor Ann Fajian works with each actor, helping them to dig deeply into themselves. Fajian creates a space where the actors feel safe enough to share their secrets, and in turn allows the audience to do the same. Between sets the actors select a card from the box full of secrets and reads it out loud.

At then end of the show they pass the box around the audience until each card has been read. Then the conversation starts. The audience begins to openly share their truths with the actors, thanking them for sharing their stories. This play is unlike anything I have ever seen before, and provokes a conversation that is desperately needed in today’s world.

Us in the US was one of many though provoking plays directed by Ann Fajilan. If you would like to follow this “Movement Towards Conversation and Healing” check out their Instagram.